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Thesis statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn

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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Mark Twain) - Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

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Thesis Statement On Hypocrisy In Huckleberry Finn - 543871 - AIPCT

Thesis statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn

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anylitical essay How to develop and in huckleberry finn write an analytic essay. Argument : Writing an analytic essay requires that you make some sort of argument. The core of this argument is called a thesis. It is your claim, succinctly stated in language a single sentence. Statement On Hypocrisy In Huckleberry Finn! What do budding literary critics such as yourselves argue about? You make a pervasive, persistent case that a certain thing is true about a piece of literature. This thing should not be readily obvious to the casual reader of the literature in question. It is english 3 what you draw out of the in huckleberry book or essay, how you interpret it.

It is a claim that must be supported by what are your and career goals specific evidence from the text. Thesis Statement Finn! Thesis statement: At least once during the course of writing your essay, isolate what you consider to be your thesis. Is your proposition both arguable and reasonable? If it is obvious (i.e. Mary Rowlandson used the Bible for comfort during her captivity) you don’t have an thesis argument. Thesis In Huckleberry! Argument requires analysis (i.e. taking things apart and explaining them).

One test that may help is asking yourself what the opposite side of about your argument would be. A good, complicated thesis (which was proposed by one of thesis your classmates) is that Although Mary Rowlandson says she often used the Bible as a source of comfort during her captivity, a closer reading of her narrative suggests her faith may have been more troubled by her experience than she lets on. One useful structure for writing thesis statements is the although form used above: Although x seems to be true about this piece of literature, y is in fact more true (or makes our thinking about x more complex). In this form you present both sides of your argument at once and the unanimity thesis show which side you’re on. Your job in the paper is to convince your reader to thesis finn join you. Another way to write an in kannada effective thesis statement is to use the thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry form If we look closely at x (e.g. how Bradford defines freedom) we discover y (that ). Essay Prompts Sat! In order to find something to argue: Look for thesis finn images or metaphors that the author uses consistently. What other sort of pattern can you identify in the text? How do you interpret this pattern so that your reader will understand the book, essay, poem, speech, etc. better? What philosophical, moral, ethical, etc. Essay Prompts! ideas is the author advocating or opposing? What are the statement consequences of accepting the language essay author's argument? Explain how the work functions as a piece of rhetoric-- how does the author attempt to on hypocrisy finn convince his or her reader of something?

For instance, what widely held beliefs do they use to support their argument? How do they appeal to emotions, logic… Re-examine something that the text or most readers take for granted (that Thoreau’s book Walden represents his attempt to escape from society). Question this major premise and see where it takes you. Ask yourself if an author’s literary argument is inconsistent with itself or is in some way philosophically dangerous, inadequate, unethical, or misleading. Examine how characters are presented in a story. How do they help the main character to develop? Which characters are trustworthy?

Which are not? Why are they presented this way? What counts as evidence: Structure : How the parts of the book or essay follow one another; how the parts are assembled to make a whole? Why does the language author start where they start, end where they end? What is the logical progression of on hypocrisy thought? How might that progression be intended to the unanimity affect the reader What effect might this progression of ideas have on a generic reader or on a reader from the time period in which the work was written? Does the on hypocrisy in huckleberry piece move from the general to the specific or vice versa? If you could divide the attitudes book/essay into sections, units of meaning, what would those sections be? How are they related to each other? Note that chapters, while they form obvious sections can themselves be grouped. Referring to the text : In writing analytic papers that address any kind of literature, it is necessary to refer to the text (the specific words on the page of the book) in thesis in huckleberry order to support your argument.

This means that you must quote and interpret passages that demonstrate or support your argument. Quotation is usually stronger than paraphrase. Remember also that your purpose in writing an essay is goals not merely to paraphrase or summarize (repeat) what the author has said, but to statement in huckleberry make an argument about how the make their point, or how they have said what they have said. Language : includes the way an author phrases his or her sentences, the key metaphors used (it’s up to previous essay prompts you to thesis finn explain how these metaphors are used, why these metaphors are appropriate, effective, ineffective, or ambiguous). Is the way a sentence is phrased particularly revealing of the author’s meaning? Practical Essay-writing Hints: Please title your paper and make the title apt and enticing--I LOVE a good title. It puts me in article a good mood before I start reading. Be clear about whether you’re writing about a book, an essay (non-fiction, short prose), a story (short fiction) a poem, a novel (book-length fiction), an autobiography, a narrative (as in statement Captivity Narratives) etc. Walden is what are your interests and career goals a book comprised of chapters. Thesis Statement On Hypocrisy In Huckleberry Finn! Each of the unanimity these chapters could also be called an essay.

Within these essays, Thoreau sometimes tells stories. The book itself is not a story, but closer to a narrative, which is non-fiction. Always go through at thesis least two drafts of you paper . What And Career! Let your paper sit, preferably for 24 hours between drafts sometime during the process of your writing. Eliminate first person pronoun (I) in your final draft (it’s OK for rough drafts and may help you write). Thesis Statement Finn! If your paragraphs are more a full page or more in length it is more than likely that they are tooooooo long . About! Probably you have too many ideas in the air at once. Consider breaking the paragraph in half--into two smaller, but related arguments. Your reader needs a break, needs more structure in order to be able to follow your meaning. If several of your paragraphs are exceedingly short (4-5 lines), it is likely that you are not developing your ideas thoroughly enough--that you are writing notes rather than analysis. Short paragraphs are usually used as transitional paragraphs, not as content paragraphs. (Short paragraphs can be used in the rhetorical devise of reversal where you lead your reader down a certain path (to show them one side of the argument, the one you are going to oppose) and then turn away from that argument to state the true argument of your paper.) Employ quotation often. One quotation per argumentative paragraph is usually necessary. Depending upon the length and complexity of the passage or topic you're dealing with, more quotations may be useful to prevent you from getting too far away from the text.

Your quotations combined with your interpretations are your proof. Statement In Huckleberry Finn! Be sure that you show your reader how they should interpret these quotations in order to follow your argument. Thesis! (Almost every quotation should be followed by thesis statement finn an interpretation, a deeper reading of what is being said and how its being said. This interpretation demonstrates how the quotation supports the claim you're making about it). Pay attention to language metaphor, phrasing, tone, alliteration, etc. On Hypocrisy! How is the author saying what they are saying--what does that teach us about the attitudes essay text? Remember to write directive (sometimes called topic) sentences for your paragraphs . The first sentence of any paragraph should give your reader an idea of what the paragraph is going to statement in huckleberry say and how the article about paragraph will connect to the larger argument. It should have more to do with what you have to say about the materials than what the statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry author him or herself has said.

Transitions between paragraphs : try to get away from using The next, First of all Another thing. to connect your paragraphs. This is the list method of structuring a paper--not an integrated, logical approach. A really strong transition makes the logical connection between paragraphs or sections of a paper and gives the reader a sense that you’re building an for grade argument. To make sure you are making a well-connected argument, ask yourself how the last sentence of each paragraph and the first sentence of the next are connected. Each of the sentences within your paragraphs should be related somehow (follow from, refer to, etc.) the one that precedes it, and the one which follows it.

This will help the reader follow the statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry flow of essay your ideas. The order of thesis statement your paragraphs should reveal a developing argument. On the most basic level, you should be able to consciously justify the presence and article about leadership camp essay placement of every word in every sentence, every sentence in every paragraph, every paragraph in every essay . Thesis Statement In Huckleberry! To repeat: in revising your papers after the first draft (which is the unanimity always, inevitably to some degree confused because you are involved in the process of working your ideas out), you should be highly conscious of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

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Latin America’s Kafka: What a Sly Argentine Has in thesis statement in huckleberry Common with a Tubercular Czech. Essay by Scott Esposito. Discussed in this essay: The Castle, Franz Kafka, trans. Willa and in kannada, Edward Muir. Shocken. 352pp, $14.00. The Trial, Franz Kafka, trans. Willa and Edward Muir. Shocken. Statement On Hypocrisy In Huckleberry Finn! 312pp, $13.50.

The Complete Stories, Franz Kafka, trans. Willa and Edward Muir. Shocken. 512pp, $15.00. The Invention of Morel, Adolfo Bioy Casares, trans. Suzanne Jill Levine. NYRB Classics. 103pp, $12.95. Asleep in the Sun, Adolfo Bioy Casares, trans. Suzanne Jill Levine.

NYRB Classics. 192pp, $12.95. The Dream of Heroes, Adolfo Bioy Casares. Out of essay print. Realism, with its insistence on mimicking the flow and feel of thesis in huckleberry reality as we construe it, is often declared more rigorous and difficult to write than other novelistic genres. Language Attitudes Essay! Reality, this argument goes, though perhaps infinite, is also real: is rule-based and thus is difficult to mimic well, whereas fantasy—especially hysterical fantasy—permits anything to happen, and thus the fantastic makes room for thesis in huckleberry finn the arbitrary and test for grade 3, the sloppy.

Jorge Luis Borges neatly reversed this: the fantasy novel, he argued, is in fact far more rule-based than most Realist fiction. It may rely on rules that are not of our world, but its rules are very strictly adhered to. Fantasies are in fact far more tightly wound than the thesis on hypocrisy, chaos of my family in kannada realism, which makes room for big, baggy books like War and Peace and Ulysses . These are the books—embracing everything from the Napoleonic Wars to defecation—where anything can happen, even, to thesis statement Borges’s great chagrin, nothing at all. 1. Borges tailored this argument explicitly for his good friend, the novelist Adolfo Bioy Casares. Fifteen years his junior and article about leadership camp essay, a consummate heartbreaker, Bioy is generally considered an odd match for the persnickety, mamma’s boy Borges, but Borges took the young writer under his wing and the two forged a genuine, lifelong friendship.

They spent long afternoons talking animatedly over coffee in thesis in huckleberry Buenos Aires; they collaborated on some playful but altogether unremarkable detective stories; and Borges even made Bioy the papers 3, protagonist in his fiction “Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius.” Borges also wrote a Prologue to the novel that made Bioy’s reputation in 1940 and has secured it ever since. It is in this Prologue that Borges lays out his argument in favor of the rigidity of fantasy. Whetting our appetite for what will come in The Invention of Morel , Borges declares: The typical psychological novel is formless. The Russians and their disciples have demonstrated, tediously, that no one is impossible. A person may kill himself because he is so happy, for example. . Thesis Statement In Huckleberry! . . In the end such complete freedom is english test papers 3, tantamount to chaos. . On Hypocrisy In Huckleberry Finn! . . The adventure story, on the other hand, does not propose to be a transcription of article about camp essay reality: it is an thesis in huckleberry finn artificial object, no part of which lacks justification.

It must have a rigid plot if it is not to succumb to the mere sequential variety of papers for grade 3 The Golden Ass , the Seven Voyages of Sinbad , or the Quixote . After Borges, Bioy considered his greatest literary influence to statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn be Franz Kafka. (His follow-up to Morel , Escape Plan , contains significant nods to Kafka’s “The Penal Colony” and The Castle .) Although tuberculosis precluded Kafka from ever reading Borges or Bioy, if he had he might have returned some of the praise that the two Argentines heaped onto attitudes essay, the Czech. In interviews, Bioy stated his great admiration for Kafka’s “arguments,” which he found laced into his plots; Bioy even went so far as to declare that Kafka’s arguments invented a genre of their own. 2 Borges too made no secret of his great admiration for Kafka. He wrote that “Kafka was the first among this century’s writers,” and then went on to explain his debt to him: “I have written stories in in huckleberry which I tried with great ambition but little success to be Kafka. There is one titled ‘The Library of Babel’ and the unanimity, others that were exercises in trying to be Kafka.” 3. If Kafka invented his distinctive kind of plot, then Bioy succeeded in twisting Kafka’s plot to serve his own ideas.

Both Kafka and Bioy took a cue from G. K. Chesterton (whose writing they loved) in creating works of immense logical rigidity. They both wrote in a sort of adventure/detective genre, and though it is true that most adventure and/or detective novels are characterized by the kind of strict plotting exemplified by statement finn Chesterton and emulated by Bioy and Kafka, these two are notable for the way in which rigid logic governs their works. This rigidity goes above and beyond that typically found in novels of the genre, and in their hands the logic itself becomes a defining feature. It argues things that had never been argued before. It creates strange equivalences that beg perhaps unanswerable questions. Camp! In short, it gives their works their distinctive feel. Thesis Statement In Huckleberry Finn! Out of what interests and career essay this logic come strange systems that shimmer through tears in thesis on hypocrisy reality, light and effervescent yet preternaturally able to sustain, and inspire, interpretations. It is precisely this clearly felt but impenetrable logic behind Kafka or Bioy’s work that leads readers to such robust, contradictory opinions on what each of their novels means. In his Prologue, Borges calls on writers of the in kannada, 20th century to prove that “if [the literature of] this century has any ascendancy over the preceding ones it lies in the quality of its plots.” Kafka and Bioy are two writers who responded to, and perhaps proved, Borges’s declaration.

For all the differences in their lives, contexts, and statement finn, ways of meeting Borges’s challenge, their fictions exhibit remarkable convergences. So clear are the similarities that one might follow William H. Gass, who once declared “that Schopenhauer has read Borges and article essay, reflects him, just as Borges reflects both Bioy and Borges.” 4 If Schopenhauer can read Borges, then Kafka has clearly read Bioy, and the two reflect each other like two mirrors, except what’s multiplied in their midst isn’t a person but a world: our very own, skewed as images caught between mirrors tend to be, but seemingly contained in both at once and, as the reproductions trail off to infinity, slightly but clearly bending in the same direction. Convergence 1: Superb Reasoners in a Deaf World. Writing in thesis in huckleberry an essay entitled “The Metamorphosis,” on Kafka’s story/novella of the same name, Paul L. Landsberg observes: Our corporeality makes the inhuman world our master. Essay! It mocks at our pretended autonomy.

The fragility of the statement on hypocrisy, identity of our character when a radical physical metamorphosis occurs cruelly shows the fragility of our entire condition. Gregor Samsa as a cockroach, for example, does not believe that he has lost the use of words. He speaks continually, tries to explain and excuse himself, and his arguments seem extremely reasonable to him. But after several minute he perceives that no one understands him any longer. No one even knows that he is speaking. What he judges to be reasonable language is for the others nothing more than the noise of a disgusting animal. He resembles Kafka’s other heroes, refined Talmudists surrounded by corporal beings, superb reasoners in a deaf world. 5.

In addition to bringing to papers for grade 3 mind much of thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn Kafka, this passage seems almost designed to describe the problem encountered by the narrator of The Invention of Morel , a man who, literally, is never heard by the people he speaks to. Absconded to a deserted island for purposes of happiness through isolation, the narrator one day finds his peace ruined with the arrival of visitors who throw the same party with loud music every night. Frightened that they will discover him, the narrator keeps his distance, but eventually love overwhelms his fear: one of the party detaches every evening to watch the sunset—she’s beautiful, of course, and in kannada, the narrator comes to statement on hypocrisy believe that “if she looked at me for attitudes essay a moment, spoke to thesis in huckleberry me only attitudes essay once, I would derive from those simple acts the thesis statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn, sort of stimulus a man obtains from friends, from relatives, and, most of all, from the thesis, woman he loves.” One evening as the woman, Faustine, watches the sunset, the narrator marshals his courage and “jumps out from behind some boulders” right into her field of view. To no avail: “her aplomb astounded me, for thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry she gave no indication that she had seen me.” The narrator tries speaking to her, but she pretends not to language essay hear him. Thesis Statement On Hypocrisy! In the face of this rejection the narrator redoubles his efforts: he gathers thousands of my family wildflowers and creates a false garden, just for Faustine: An immense woman is seated, watching the sunset, with her hands clasped on one knee; a diminutive man, made of leaves, kneels in front of the woman (he will be labeled I ). And underneath it I shall make this inscription: Sublime, close at hand but mysterious. With the living silence of the on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn, rose. The result of this day-long sweat and labor? “As she passed my little garden she pretended not to thesis notice it.” Eventually the thesis on hypocrisy, narrator will learn the interests and career, reason why Faustine stepped right past his tribute to her, and statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn, it doesn’t have to camp essay do with indifference, coyness, or even outright animosity.

The reason will make it abundantly clear to the narrator that, say what he will, Faustine will never hear him. And yet he will go on talking to her. By story’s end, some of us will have concluded that this is by far the best course of action. By default, we know the alternate reality of thesis on hypocrisy Morel solely through the narrator’s attempts to article leadership explain it to himself. Although Kafka almost exclusively narrated from the third-person, his realities are similarly delivered to us: Kafka frequently dove into the minds of his protagonists to embody their thoughts as they pieced their way toward a working map of the logic they were up against. In both writers, the revelations delivered by these personal thoughts direct a reader’s sympathy while pointing out the inhumanity of the logic the thesis statement, protagonist is up against. It’s noteworthy that Kafka tended to my family in kannada narrate from the outside, whereas Bioy’s books often take the form of documents left behind for us to discover: Morel , for statement on hypocrisy finn instance, consists of the narrator’s diary (academic-sounding footnotes imply that it has, mysteriously, left the island and been found at an unknown later point in the future); Escape Plan consists of a series of letters, annotated by the writer’s brother; Asleep in the Sun is a long letter, or perhaps it’s a diary, or a document of evidence. Bioy’s protagonists are escapists, they’ve found the world deaf long before they reach the strange reality that Bioy has set for them, and in the new context it just becomes deaf in about a stranger, more impossible way. Kafka’s characters, rather than escape, dearly wish to participate with the world around them; it’s just their bad luck that the logic they’ve been thrust into is impermeable. Kafka’s and thesis on hypocrisy finn, Bioy’s protagonists are people like you and test papers 3, me, ordinary people who suddenly find themselves in statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn disturbing contexts.

The drama of their fictions consists in the way in the unanimity which the protagonists come to accept and statement, embody the logic of their new worlds. During this process they, quite naturally, attempt to reach out to other humans. The tragedy of Kafka and Bioy is that the inhabitants of the new worlds are necessarily deaf to previous essay prompts sat them. It is not a coincidence that so many of Kafka’s and Bioy’s tales end in catastrophe, for what other result can be expected when humans are put into a world they fundamentally don’t understand and are forced to navigate it without much in the way of human compassion or solidarity? They key difference, I think is that in Kafka’s fiction the protagonist never gains knowledge of the code behind appearances; he simply struggles nearer and nearer the void without ever seeing beyond it. In Bioy, the protagonist often does finally achieve an explanation—that is, in Morel the thesis statement finn, narrator finally learns why Faustine doesn’t hear him. But the explanation is never final; though it grants the protagonist knowledge of his world’s logic, there is another, deeper strain hiding just behind. And another. Language Attitudes Essay! And another. Convergence 2: “In reality he could not tell whether he had stood out or given in.”

There is always a struggle going on in Bioy and Kafka, and yet, it is a very odd sort of thesis statement finn struggle, because we as readers are never sure which side is winning, or even which of the protagonist’s actions are effective and which are not. The Unanimity! The poor creatures that we follow through the stories share our bewilderment. It is like this passage from Kafka’s novel The Castle: It seemed to K. Thesis On Hypocrisy In Huckleberry! as if at last those people had broken off all relations with him, and as if now in reality he were freer than he had ever been, and at liberty to wait here in this place, usually forbidden to him, as long as he desired, and what interests and career goals essay, had won a freedom such as hardly anybody else had ever succeeded in winning, and as if nobody could dare to statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry touch him or drive him away, or even speak to what are your interests goals him; but—this conviction was at least equally strong—as if at in huckleberry the same time there was nothing more senseless, nothing more hopeless, than this freedom, this waiting, this inviolability. Poised between complete freedom and and career, complete hopelessness, woefully unable to estimate how close he is to thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry either, or even toward which he is moving, K. struggles forward, backward, in some direction, or maybe he stands still. It seems that each of K.’s actions begets a series of new obstacles—or maybe this is too much agency to grant him, maybe they spring up on their own.

At any rate, the obstacles breed prodigiously. Camp! The Castle is the most fecund of in huckleberry Kafka’s books in terms of generating plot out of my family essay nothing, in first building up complications from simplicities, and then building complications upon thesis statement in huckleberry finn, those complications, and in kannada, then greater complications on finn, lesser complications; they spread beyond all comprehension but nonetheless feel patterned, and rational, like a fractal. It is said Kafka wanted to end The Castle by papers 3 having K. lay down in death, and I don’t think there would be any better way to extinguish the plot’s tendrils than to kill the protagonist from which they grew. Yet, for as much as K. must unravel in The Castle , as absurd as the layered justifications become, each and every complication seems necessary. As we read, it feels that everything is arbitrary and nothing could be otherwise. Statement On Hypocrisy Finn! It is as Alberto Spaini puts it in language attitudes essay his essay, “The Trial”: That is thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn, Kafka’s strength: to make us accept as indispensable a whole story which contrasts with the elements of daily life, and about, yet is woven together solely and exclusively of these elements. Not the story only, but every episode and connection of the various episodes and the characters and the connections between them and little by little the things which they do and say. In Huckleberry Finn! Everything is perfectly in place, and english test for grade, everything is incredible. The indispensability of each element is, of course, an aspect of all successful adventure/detective stories, but in Kafka it takes on a tint and texture characteristic to thesis statement finn his work alone.

In The Castle it feels as though the world’s operating principles are discovered, and language attitudes, invented, on the fly, that simply speaking words brings into being new certainties that then must be adhered to in huckleberry finn like the most stringent law. And indeed, once entered into the narrative everything becomes absolutely essential. No matter how crazy it sounds, characters begin to reason based on whatever is said; the tiniest events are appealed to prompts sat as sources of justifications and grave consequences. In this way, Kafka builds a structure that, as Spaini says, is at once sublime and absolutely believable. Bioy is the only other author I’ve discovered to make his strange worlds feel this necessary, although he does it differently than Kafka. In Bioy seemingly surreal occurrences accumulate, but, unlike in Kafka, these surreal events are not immediately riveted into place in the logical superstructure by page after page of thesis in huckleberry detailed explanation. Language Attitudes Essay! Rather, the reader is asked to continue suspending disbelief as the unbelievable accumulates, until, finally, Bioy reveals the explanation (often some marvelous technology or scientific experiment) that makes all the incredible events not only perfectly sensible but absolutely necessary. It is thesis statement on hypocrisy finn, this revelation that also exactly explains the difference between the novel’s world and what interests goals, our own. What Bioy does at the end of his books is very much like a “trick” ending, and yet, rather than succumb to the trick’s cheapness, which is cheap precisely because it eliminates all the possibilities of the story save one (and generally an uninspiring one at that), Bioy’s revelations expand the possibilities of thesis his novels. They project everything that has come before into entirely new territory: on test papers for grade, only the most literal level is everything explained; in reality, the scope for interpreting the novel is expanded dramatically. It is the rigidity and necessity of the logic underlying them that gives the fictions of Kafka and thesis, Bioy a feeling of language attitudes essay inevitability, despite the fact that we and our protagonists don’t have any idea where we’re headed.

We don’t know, but the logic knows just what it’s doing. Statement Finn! We can sense that to the point that it props us up. Knowingly, we watch the protagonists struggle against this logic; we hope against hope for their victory. Perhaps they really are making headway. No, they’re not. At best, the protagonists bow down to the logic, at worst they die fighting it.

In her study of the unanimity thesis Bioy, Guia de Adolfo Bioy Casares , Suzanne Levine notes that among the references to thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn The Castle to be found in test for grade Bioy’s novel Escape Plan , one of the most prominent is the strange, unsettling assistants found in each novel. Escape Plan is a novel twice-framed. Its protagonist, Nevers, tells the story of his compulsory labor on on hypocrisy finn, a tropical French penal colony through the letters that he sends back to his brother in France. The second frame comes in because all of these letters are filtered through Nevers’s brother, who enlarges on and annotates them as he finds necessary. The story involves the governor of the penal colony, whom is in kannada, generally presumed crazy, and whom Nevers quickly discovers is involved in strange experiments with some of the inmates.

At the beginning, Nevers’s suspicion swirls around guesses that the governor is planning a communist insurrection, but it is plain to the reader that once the secret is revealed, it will not involve workers’ rights. Discussing Nevers and his assistant, Dreyfus, (so-named by Bioy to parody the gravity with which the Dreyfus Affair had been invoked by other novelists) Levine writes: Dreyfus’s incomprehensible words and actions, his friendly though sinister presence, appear to in huckleberry recall the function of the two assistants imposed upon the fatigued protagonist of Kafka’s The Castle . Sinister but affectionate, comical but sympathetic, Dreyfus, as difficult to avoid as the two assistants, is Nevers’s servant, whether he wants him or not. Levine goes on previous prompts sat, to mention Dreyfus’s derivation from the tradition of the Greek eiron , which entered the novel in the form of Sancho Panzo and thesis statement in huckleberry, later became Sherlock Holmes’s assistant, Watson. By their subversion in spite of professed devotion to their masters, Panza and Watson generally served to highlight Don Quixote’s and Holmes’s shortcomings, just as Dreyfus underscores the uselessness of essay Nevers’s attempts to statement in huckleberry finn discover the truth behind the governor’s strange activities. But whereas Panza and Watson are comic and benign in their intentions, Dreyfus enters into absurd, unsettling territory.

Right from the language, beginning, one questions the relationship—who exactly is serving whom here? Is Dreyfus secretly recruiting Nevers into the governor’s experiments? Does Dreyfus mean to statement on hypocrisy finn harm Nevers? Levine stops at the parallel between Dreyfus and K.’s assistants, but she might well have extended it to the many other assistants found throughout the works of thesis Bioy and Kafka. Generally when servants—whether human or machine—are found in these writers’ works, the relationship is ambiguous, malign, and unsettling. Statement Finn! Given the strange ending of Kafka’s “The Penal Colony,” one can reasonably question whether that story’s terrible execution machine is serving or being served.

Similarly, is the machine at the center of The Invention of are your interests and career goals Morel assisting the human who made it, or has it taken over his life? Another Bioy novel, Asleep in thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn the Sun , centers around psychiatrists and so comes to resemble The Trial —both deal with professionals generally enlisted by people to better navigate labyrinths they themselves cannot understand, and in both the professionals come to dominate the what interests, protagonists. The servant theme does not stop here. In Kafka’s masterful story “The Great Wall of statement on hypocrisy finn China” one wonders if the wall itself has not taken over the whole of the immense nation that is essay, producing it. (Again, there is a servant, this time to an Emperor, who perhaps inverts the traditional relationship). And in Bioy’s least characteristic work, The Dream of Heroes , there is a doctor whose power relation to the young men he has taken an interest in remains uncertain. The novelists’ abiding interest in how servants dominate their masters is indicative in a greater, Foucauldian interest in power relationships and the evolving role of the thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn, underclass in supposedly classless societies, but it is also indicative of something else that deals solely with plot. 6 Kafka’s and Bioy’s admiration of Chesterton—an admirable plot-spinner himself—is seen in their novels, which follow Chesterton’s love of placing mask before mask before mask. About! Although Bioy’s and Kafka’s comedy is always much more sardonic than Chesterton’s—his most famous novel involves witty repartee and intrigue between anarchists disguised as anarchists and the police who have to outwit them—they follow Chesterton’s delight in the possibilities for on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn narrative innovation presented by language attitudes essay masks. The distinctive feel of the thesis finn, authors’ novels that I discussed in the previous convergence—that of the viselike logical framework that nonetheless cannot be so much as touched or seen—is greatly due to the ambiguous roles that the serving-people and -machines play in the unanimity these novels. Masks also abet the authors in creating narrative suspense and interpretive ambiguity, and thesis, they open up possibilities for the unanimity Bioy and statement, Kafka to explore logical nooks that greatly add to test papers 3 the complexity of the worlds they are envisioning. When speaking of the end with Bioy or Kafka, one is on shaky ground: one author tended to thesis use the end to change everything, the the unanimity thesis, other hardly seemed capable of thesis on hypocrisy finn writing an ending.

This indication that both authors regarded endings with great importance is perhaps indicative of the care with which they wrote, since the end of a novel is notoriously difficult to handle successfully and can make or break a work. This is especially true for adventure and sat, detective stories: dependent as they are on plot and a lead character, few readings of their meaning will fail to consider the story’s conclusion. Bioy has said that in Kafka one is always aware that the statement on hypocrisy finn, protagonist is headed toward disaster; it is telling that, although Kafka was famously unable to end many of his short stories and his novels, this is a verdict that few readers of Kafka could disagree with. About Leadership Camp Essay! Bioy might well have rendered this judgment on his own work, as his protagonists consistently die violently at statement in huckleberry finn the end (in an exception, one narrator finds himself turned into a dog; not death to be sure, but hardly a happy ending). Even if Bioy had shared Kafka’s inability to article leadership camp end a book, one could well predict where his protagonists were headed. In The Dream of Heroes Bioy makes the Borgesian declaration that “the future is a world that contains everything”; perhaps, but Bioy’s work is nothing if not a demonstration, and a firm one at that, that even if the future is boundless, we will only ever have the potential to see the tiniest sliver of it. The novel involves the story of statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn a young man who slowly sees the forking paths of youth closed off one by one, until he has no choice but to follow the one path left to him. Although the plot turns heavily on chance, it is pervaded by a sense of in kannada inevitability; when the end comes, close readers have seen it well in advance. Thesis! Reading The Dream of Heroes , one is constantly aware that there is a logic at work in thesis which chance events are really not chance. Although the future may encompass everything that could possibly be, most of thesis on hypocrisy it is as dark and are your goals, inscrutable as the unlocatable dark matter in which the thesis statement in huckleberry, great bulk of the universe is said to exist. Kafka’s futures share aspects of about leadership essay Bioy’s.

Although Josef K. is told that it is possible for him to win his trial—that in his world all things can be—who among us ever thought he was going to win? Eventually does Josef even believe it? Although all K. Thesis Statement On Hypocrisy In Huckleberry! need do to enter the castle is walk up to it, who leaves The Castle with the essay in kannada, sense that this was ever truly a possibility? Kafka gives us the feeling both that the protagonist is making his own choices and statement on hypocrisy, that his choices are being dictated to him at every turn. This alone might not ensure that his protagonists end with disastrous failure, but this coupled with these characters’ continued insistence on butting up against the boundaries of their worlds—their very admirable, very human refusal to give up—ensures that there is only one place they will ever be at peace. This is perhaps why Kafka’s plots remain so satisfying even though they lack one of the most essential aspects of a good story. Kafka’s and Bioy’s protagonists consistently end up in fundamentally the same place because the two authors are interested in creating very similar types of worlds; these worlds are places bounded by a ruthless logic, a logic that can only tolerate people who will submit to it. It is this boundedness, the fact that these worlds operate according to a certain logic that is essay sat, hewn into the plot, that gives these books their very feeling of inevitability. Javier De Navascués has observed that the statement on hypocrisy, spaces in Bioy’s novels—spaces that protagonists flee to in search of liberation—gradually transform into jails. Kafka similarly incarcerates his characters, even though many of his characters do not take their jails as such at language first.

If transcendence were possible, if a character were somehow to on hypocrisy finn beat the system, this would be tantamount to admitting a flaw in the logic that underpins the fiction; Kafka’s and Bioy’s works simply cannot tolerate such an admission. 7. Of course, implacable logic need not lead to disaster; one could imagine a kind of logic in which a protagonist’s success was inevitable, in which a protagonist’s stasis was inevitable, in which an infinity of possible endings were inevitably dictated by the logic of the story; it is notable that in Kafka and Bioy the inevitable ending is always death, disaster. De Navascués has also noted that Bioy’s protagonists go out of their way to isolate themselves; to paraphrase The Invention of Morel’s narrator, for them, to live is to flee. In Kafka, the intent to flee does not exist right from the beginning, but usually his protagonists come to be escaping from one or many things, themselves ambassadors of the logic that gradually besets them on side after side until they are completely and hopelessly enclosed. Kafka’s and Bioy’s protagonists are fundamentally cut off from their fellow human beings; their inability to previous essay prompts communicate is matched by their great self-reliance, and in the end the two conspire to ensure disaster.

The worldview represented in Kafka’s and Bioy’s works is one in which true human connections are both essential and impossible, where one tries in vain to peer through the cracks in thesis statement on hypocrisy finn reality. It a world-view well summed up by something that occurs early in test papers 3 The Castle . K. is allowed a glimpse of Klamm, a powerful bureaucrat essential to statement on hypocrisy his mission, and the unanimity, as it turns out, despite K.’s best efforts this glimpse is the closest he will ever get. “Would you like to see Herr Klamm?” K. Statement In Huckleberry Finn! begged for english papers for grade a sight of him. She [Frieda] pointed to a door just on the left. There’s a little peephole there, you can look through.” “What about the finn, others?” asked K. She curled her underlip and pulled K. to the door with a hand that was unusually soft. The little hole had obviously been bored for spying through, and commanded almost the whole of the neighboring room. At a desk in the middle of the room sat Herr Klamm, his face brilliantly lit up by an incandescent lamp that hung low before him. . . . If he had been planted squarely before his desk, K. Previous Essay! would have seen only his profile, but since he was turned directly toward K., his whole face was visible. Klamm is as close as Kafka’s or Bioy’s protagonists ever get to another person, ever get to a reality that they know exists right outside the statement on hypocrisy finn, boundaries of the one they’re trapped in.

They know more is out there, and are your interests goals, sometimes they can even peer through a peephole at it, but that’s as far as it goes. When you get right down to it, The Invention of thesis on hypocrisy finn Morel is really the story of two men who had the my family essay, bad luck to try and create diametrically opposed utopias on the same island. There’s the thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn, narrator, who thought utopia was living life as flight, as far away from his fellow humans as he could conceive; then there’s Morel, who thought utopia was living a strange sort of attitudes essay immortality amidst the woman he loved. Thesis On Hypocrisy Finn! Although the men never meet, they ruin each other’s utopias: Morel gets his immortality, but the previous essay prompts, narrator gets Morel’s love. Although it’s hard to imagine at first, Kafka’s worlds are failed utopias of a sort too. They are the kind of utopia that W.G. Sebald alludes to when he writes in thesis finn Austerlitz: And I came to the conclusion that in any project we design and develop, the size and degree of complexity of the information and control systems inscribed in it are the language essay, crucial factors, so that the all-embracing and absolute perfection of the concept can in thesis on hypocrisy finn practice coincide, indeed ultimately must coincide, with its chronic dysfunction and constitutional instability. They are, in other words, the my family essay, kind of utopia that becomes the biggest trap for the person or people who attempt to statement establish it.

These are Bioy’s utopias as well; the difference is language attitudes essay, that Bioy tends to center his works around the person who tries to establish the on hypocrisy, utopia; Kafka is most interested in a normal citizen who becomes enveloped in the unanimity someone else’s idea of utopia. In Kafka, as many have said before, the architect of the utopia is God; in Bioy the finn, architect is always human, although perhaps a human who makes the tragic assumption that he is God-like. In creating these logically inevitable, perfectly terrible utopias, Bioy and Kafka shared much with writers of their time, many of attitudes whom were turning to fiction to demonstrate arguments against totalitarian schemes that promised perfected societies. Of course, these two writers transcended mere screeds and political warnings. Perhaps the most important difference is thesis statement finn, that in are your goals Bioy and Kafka the book itself becomes a kind of failed utopia. In this they anticipate Julio Cortazar, who in Hopscotch very openly created a deceitful labyrinth designed to trap overactive readers. Bioy’s and Kafka’s novels can feel the same: to on hypocrisy read their books is to are your interests and career goals become seduced by their logic—to become seduced by their logic is to become ensnared in attempts to understand and thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry, interpret it. One cannot speculate as to whether Kafka and Bioy meant their utopias to be traps, as Cortazar did his, but in trapping the papers 3, reader their works powerfully communicate the feelings of the protagonists as they encounter the problems of modernity. In creating failed utopias for readers and protagonists alike, these authors came to similar solutions for the challenge that Borges posed, getting there in beautifully distinct and captivating ways. 1 In this opening section, as well as throughout this essay, I have relied upon insights made by Suzanne Jill Levine in thesis statement on hypocrisy her study of Bioy, Guia de Adolfo Bioy Casares (Guide to sat Adolfo Bioy Casares; Espiral/Fundamentos, 1982). Statement On Hypocrisy! Levine is also the translator of the what essay, in-print editions of The Invention of Morel and Asleep in the Sun . Throughout, translations of the criticism and interviews into English are mine.

2 Palabra de bioy: Conversaiones con Sergio Lopez (Emecé, 2000). 3 These quotes were found in an essay entitled “Introductory Notes for the Study of thesis in huckleberry a Borgesian Reading of Kafka” by attitudes Eberhard Geisler. They are from a piece Borges wrote for the Spanish newspaper El Pais on thesis on hypocrisy, the centenary of Kafka’s birth. 4 “Imaginary Borges,” from The New York Review of Books , November 20, 1969. 5 Landsberg’s essay on Kafka, as well as a great number of other insightful ones, are collected in The Kafka Problem , a collection of criticism published by New Directions in 1946 to help introduce Kafka to the English-reading world. It is long since out of what and career goals print. 6 It should be noted here that in Escape Plan Bioy reached certain territory—such as moving the locus of statement on hypocrisy incarceration from in kannada, outside the prisoner’s mind to within it—that anticipated Foucault. 7 Esperpento controlado by Javier de Navascués (Eunsa, 1995).

Scott Esposito edits The Quarterly Conversation . Recent and forthcoming publications include an interview with translator Katherine Silver in The Bloomsbury Review , an thesis statement on hypocrisy finn essay on attitudes, the fiction of William T. Vollmann for statement in huckleberry The Chattahoochee Review , and a profile of Salvadoran novelist Horacio Castellanos Moya for Boldtype magazine. Yasushi Inoue's Tun-huang is the english papers, echo of a Civil War–era Western: one published by a Japanese. On the day of Bachmaier’s funeral there were two messages from my mother waiting for me o. “I’ve been there,” says a crooked, camphor-scented woman seated next to me on. More from The Quarterly Conversation: Flying to America’s Unfortunate Disorganization'Disassembling Donald Barthelme: Flying to America’s Unfortunate Disorganization Donald Barthelme's short stories are currently available to readers in three large volumes. Dan Green argues we could read Barthelme better if they were still available as they were originally published. Read more articles by Scott Esposito.

Read more articles about books from NYRB Classics. Though the word caricature is often used to disparage poor writing, caricature also has its use. Bill Johnston's deft translation of My#347;liwski's magnificent 1984 novel finally gives Engli. Meanwhile, Szymborska’s legacy since her death has been tended by her former assistant, M.

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Academic Job Search - Cover Letter. The reception your cover letter will receive is more varied and unpredictable than the finn other elements of your application packet. My Family Essay. Some readers, especially at large research universities, will skip it entirely, and focus instead on more direct indicators of your academic achievements and potential: the CV, letters, and writing sample. Most often, however, your cover letter works in tandem with your CV, and represents your best opportunity to communicate directly with your target audience prior to thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn an interview. The cover letter should not simply repeat the information contained in the CV; rather it should elaborate and essay, frame the aspects of your academic training and background that you want search committee members to have uppermost in their minds as they consider your candidacy. On Hypocrisy. At a minimum, it should contain a clear statement of your research and teaching interests, and how your qualifications match the previous essay prompts sat requirements of the thesis in huckleberry job description. Essay. Many disciplines have their own conventions and protocols for application materials including the statement in huckleberry cover letter.

Be sure to show a draft of your letter to your chair or the department's placement advisor. There is no perfect or even preferred style of cover letter save that tone should be that of a confident professional. About Leadership Camp Essay. Departments aren't interested in hiring graduate students (they already have enough of those). They are looking for serious scholars/teachers who will make interesting, congenial, and productive colleagues. While it is probably not a good use of thesis statement in huckleberry your time to essay tailor your letter for in huckleberry each opening, you will probably need at camp essay, least two base versions that emphasize different elements (You would not want to use the thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn same cover letter to apply to Oberlin as UC Irvine). You may want to customize the letters for the three to five jobs most attractive to you. Your cover letter should not exceed a page and a half or two at the most. No one will read a four-page letter, and your apparent inability to communicate your credentials in a concise manner is not to prompts sat your advantage. Every line of your letter should serve a demonstrable purpose. Some people have gotten excellent jobs with a brief, boilerplate letter containing no more than a short intro, a paragraph on their research, and a couple of sentences on their teaching.

Others use letters that discuss in very specific terms how they, their research, and their teaching would fit within the in huckleberry existing department and institutional setting. The choice of style is are your interests up to statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry you, and should reflect what makes you feel most comfortable and most positive about your credentials. There are, however, circumstances where a longer, more annotated version is more likely to be helpful. The issues you should take into account when making this decision are: The size of the department/institution The extent to which your research is mainstream and its significance readily apparent The extent to english test papers for grade 3 which your qualifications diverge from those mentioned in the job ad The extent to which the institution to which you are applying differs from UC Berkeley and the relative importance of teaching versus research Unusual circumstances or career paths. Size matters.

The larger the department, the less detailed your letter needs to be. If there are already six people working in your sub-field, they can assess and translate the significance of your work to others in the department. If, however, you will be the only history of statement science person or the the unanimity only physical anthropologist in the department, the search committee and in huckleberry finn, others will likely need more help from you to understand the import of your work. Remember, if they are searching for your specialty they are understaffed in language essay your area, and even if there is more than one person in statement in huckleberry your sub-field she/he may be on leave or otherwise uninvolved in the search. Similarly, smaller departments are more likely to be concerned than larger ones about the specific courses you are prepared to teach. If there are certain core courses your position needs to cover, make it unambiguously clear that you are prepared to do so even if you haven't taught them already. As a rule of thumb, the more your profile diverges from the specifics of the job description (or the article camp essay norm, such that it exists), the more likely you will want to say more about why you are nonetheless a strong candidate. By doing so you can turn a question mark into an advantage. Highlight your strengths, and if you have time perform a little research on the department (see below) so you can explain how you would add to on hypocrisy in huckleberry the department in ways that they might otherwise not have considered. Job descriptions are not always etched in stone.

If you're very interested in the job, call the department and ask to my family essay speak to someone on the search committee. If that's too intimidating, call the departmental assistant or secretary. They can at least tell you if it’s a new position or replacement which in turn can indicate whether they really need someone who can teach The Politics of Southern Africa or if Middle Eastern Politics would do just as well. They may well be willing to sacrifice a course in an area that the ad specified in order to get the on hypocrisy extra teaching experience or innovative research that you have to attitudes essay offer, but only if you give them the opportunity and explain what they'd get in return. If you've taken an unusually long time to finish because you spent three years learning a new language in order to prepare for two years of in huckleberry original research or some other factor that enriches what you have to offer as a teacher or a scholar, let them know about it. Learning a new language, for example, is an indicator of your commitment to serious scholarship. Think of a way to put a positive valence on an aspect of interests and career goals essay your CV that you believe is statement in huckleberry likely to raise questions or doubts. As hard as it may be for not-yet-employed-but-soon-to-be academics like yourselves to believe, there are some individuals and departments that are intimidated by you and the unanimity thesis, your institutional pedigree. There are many fine schools and departments that are convinced that every Berkeley graduate student is only interested in a position at Harvard, Princeton, or (hold your nose) Stanford. Statement In Huckleberry. If it is a small liberal arts college, they may also assume that you view teaching and advising undergraduates strictly as a necessary evil. Ergo, why interview someone who will either look down their nose at us, and/or desert us for thesis greener pastures as soon as their third book has been published and Yale comes calling.

They often don't seem to statement in huckleberry finn realize that Berkeley graduate students are sincerely interested in a wide range of academic settings for a variety of reasons personal and professional, and, perhaps more to the point, Yale rarely comes calling. An even greater burden of proof exists if a quick scan of about your CV reveals that your all of your experience in higher education has occurred in a large, elite, research-oriented setting. Finn. How can you overcome this potential obstacle especially if you're very interested in a school that you have reason to believe may be suspicious of Berkeley PhDs? It's probably not advisable to write in a cover letter that they shouldn't be intimidated by the unanimity thesis lil' old you (i.e., I'm really not very good; in fact, my advisor says I'm her worst graduate student in twenty years.), but there are ways to indicate a sincere interest in their department. One means is to thesis statement on hypocrisy finn do a little research, and leadership camp essay, briefly discuss how you might fit into the department and the institutional community-at-large. There are numerous articles written by thesis finn faculty about the search process that state explicitly the positive impact it can have on their impression of a candidate to see evidence that that he/she has taken the time to learn something about them. Researching a department and its associated programs/research centers has never been easier. A second way to address fears of imminent flight is to provide evidence of ties to the area, the university, or lifestyle. If you are from the Midwest, have family nearby, or even if you just spent an enjoyable summer there, add a line about it and your desire to previous essay prompts return to your cover letter for Purdue or Wayne State.

If you did your undergraduate work at a similar type of institution, draw their attention to that link. Don't assume that they will notice where you got your BA on on hypocrisy finn, your CV, and make the connection. If you are applying to small, liberal arts colleges, don't just list the courses you've taught with a line of boilerplate about how important you take your teaching responsibilities to be. These days, a good, small college has a list price of about $30,000-$45,000 a year, and close contact with people like you is article about leadership essay one of their key selling points to parents and potential students. You are expected to be more than a lecturer, and your ability to thesis statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry convey your recognition of that fact and a sincere interest in working closely with students matters. Advising, participating in non-academic activities, watching your students grow and mature inside the classroom and out (and having an influence on that process) can be among the most rewarding aspects of the profession. If you value these broader elements of thesis being a professor, let them know.

In particular, if your own experience has been limited to thesis finn large universities, think about describing an episode where you had a positive impact on the development of a student and the satisfaction you derived from helping him or her. At many small colleges, and what interests and career, large universities (including Berkeley) as well, one of the most significant pedagogical trends is fostering greater student involvement in faculty research. If you can articulate how this might occur for you and their students in a brief but thoughtful manner, it can alleviate some of the concerns occasioned by your Berkeley background. Your letter typically will have four segments: the on hypocrisy in huckleberry introduction, research, teaching, and the closing. Be sure to identify the position you are applying for previous essay prompts sat by rank and sub-field in the first sentence or two. Finn. It is not uncommon for departments to be engaged in more than one search in a given year, and large departments may have more than one in the unanimity your sub-field. If it is an open rank position and you are applying as an assistant professor, in thesis on hypocrisy most cases you and english papers for grade 3, your record of accomplishments will not be directly compared with those of more experienced candidates applying for it at the associate or full professor level.

Rather, applicants are assessed based on where they are in their career path, and you have every chance of successfully competing against them. In addition to identifying the job for which you are applying, the first paragraph serves as an thesis statement introduction - your thirty second commercial: what are the three broad aspects of the unanimity your background that you want to be clear in their mind as they make the decision whether or not to devote more time and attention to your application? The first aspect is that you come from thesis in huckleberry finn Berkeley, and hence one of the strongest programs in language your discipline (e.g., I am in in huckleberry finn the final stages of completing my dissertation at article about camp essay, UC Berkeley). The other two aspects that you can briefly highlight are those elements that you believe represent your strongest qualifications for the position and on hypocrisy, that, potentially, differentiate you from other candidates in the pool. For example, if the ad specifies that they are looking for someone whose research is interdisciplinary and who will strengthen a new research center focused on conservation biology, let them know in this initial paragraph that you fit the attitudes bill. Conversely, if you are applying to a small liberal arts college and you attended a similar type of institution as an undergrad, point that out in huckleberry finn, here. Ask yourself what are the three things I want a search committee member to papers 3 know about in huckleberry finn me before she/he decides whether or not my file stays in my family essay the active pile, and thesis statement on hypocrisy finn, describe them briefly in this first paragraph. Briefly; you will have space to elaborate more fully in the paragraphs below. Here, you just want to catch their attention and provide them with cause to pay closer attention to the text that follows. If you've finished, mention it up front. If not, state when you expect to my family essay file - no later than the June before you would start the thesis statement on hypocrisy position.

Many readers will view your optimistic prediction with a skeptical eye, and anything you can say that makes the about leadership essay claim appear more credible (e.g., I have written and my chair has reviewed four of the six chapters.) can help mitigate their concerns. You can put such a statement in the introduction or wait until you discuss the dissertation itself. If your discipline holds its annual meeting in the summer or early fall (i.e., before application deadlines) and you had an excellent conference interview, make reference to it in the cover letter including the in huckleberry names of the faculty with whom you spoke. By the time people actually start to test for grade read files, months may have passed and even the strongest of impressions can fade. But they can be rehabilitated and in huckleberry finn, revived, especially if you can remind them of a specific strength, ability, or issue that seemed particularly salient during the interview.

Unless you are applying to a school that cares only about your teaching (increasingly rare), a description of previous essay prompts your research generally follows next. The challenge here is not simply to describe your research, but to frame it in terms of your sub-field and discipline. The search committee, hasn't lived, eaten and breathed Post-Edwardian Hermeneutics for the past five years the thesis statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry way you have. Papers For Grade. And they haven't been there every step of the torturous process like your friends and significant others. So forgive them for not immediately recognizing your research at first blush for the path-breaking work that it is. In Huckleberry Finn. Departments want to know that in hiring you, they are adding someone who will make a future contribution to the discipline and enhance the reputation of the department. What Interests Essay. However, they are often ill-equipped to understand exactly how that will be true in thesis statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry your particular case. Many disciplines are sufficiently broad that leading or cutting-edge research in one sub-field is barely intelligible to those in others. In addition, when you became a candidate for the short list, your file will be read by department members outside your specialty, and, oftentimes later on in the process, by individuals outside your discipline as well. You need to describe the forest in the unanimity thesis which your tree resides, and explain why it matters in statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry terms of the broader trends and issues within your discipline. My Family. Obviously, if your work is focused on one of the classic conundrums of your field, much less in the way of providing perspective is statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry necessary than if you are addressing an are your and career goals essay emergent issue or employing an unconventional approach.

If your research is particularly novel or cutting-edge, any markers of thesis in huckleberry broader acceptance by other, more established scholars or scholarly organs in about essay your field can ameliorate possible concerns about its relevance and potential importance. On Hypocrisy In Huckleberry. In discussing your work, note the article about camp essay recognition it has received in thesis statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn the form of competitive grants, awards, publications in refereed journals, and/or presentations at essay in kannada, major conferences. It is also important to thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry mention where you expect your research to go after the completion of your dissertation and the publications that will flow from it. They, especially at language, research-oriented institutions, want to thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn know at least in previous sat broad terms where you expect to go from here. They want to see evidence of on hypocrisy in huckleberry a scholarly agenda that extends beyond the english papers for grade 3 dissertation. You don't need to have pages written or titles blocked out, but you need to tell them in a paragraph, (two at the most) about statement on hypocrisy what questions intrigue you, and how you expect to go about finding the answers to them. These questions for future research may have been generated by thesis the findings of thesis your dissertation, unusual data uncovered during your fieldwork, or interesting side issues that you were forced to put off in order to keep your dissertation taut and focused. Think twice about mentioning future projects that appear entirely unrelated to your current work. Departments will want you to be firmly established in one area before you go off into another. The relative importance of teaching versus research is a continuous and not a discrete variable. Even schools that emphasize teaching in their job listing will generally want evidence of scholarly engagement and publishing potential.

It is a very competitive market for leadership camp students out there, and virtually all institutions are under pressure to sell themselves via the quality of their faculty to the limited number of good students in the applicant pool. A good marker for the relative importance of teaching versus research is the teaching load. An institution with a 3-2 teaching load (a total of five courses taught per two-semester year) will expect more in the way of and on hypocrisy, value research more highly than one with a 3-3 load. If you work in a capital-intensive area, mention your track record of gaining grants and other sources of external funding. Previous Essay. In a similar fashion, the statement on hypocrisy finn more the article about leadership essay institution you are applying to diverges from Berkeley and the more your profile differs from the job description, the more expansive you should be in talking about statement your teaching and test papers 3, what you have to offer their students. If you have won a teaching award at Berkeley, don't make them wait until they read your CV to discover that fact. For letters sent to large universities where you will be expected to teach large, lecture courses and graduate seminars, little is needed except to convey that you have the necessary experience and/or background.

Since the thesis on hypocrisy dominant pedagogical style is the what and career same as that found at Berkeley, it will be assumed that you will be able to do the same for them. If you have TA'd some of the courses that (based on the job description) you would be expected to offer, let them know. If you have not had that opportunity, but your fields and research fall within the thesis in huckleberry domain of the job description, you may want to add a line about how well prepared you are to teach such courses based on your training and research. If your profile does not correspond exactly to the description found in the job announcement, but you believe that you could nonetheless teach the interests essay required courses, explain the basis for your confidence. What strength would you bring to the department that would more than make up for your otherness? Departments may decide that they don't need another conventional European historian if you can convince them that you can handle the core courses and offer something new that they don't currently cover as well. In this case especially, think about doing some research so you can speak in more specific terms about how you would fit into and enhance the department's offerings. Thesis Statement. Help them visualize how you would strengthen them as a department. Small colleges will want to know that you are able to teach on a more intimate basis and attitudes essay, are prepared to take the time to do it well. If you give them three generic lines about how important you consider your teaching responsibilities, don't expect much of a positive response. Spend a couple of paragraphs describing your teaching experience and thesis on hypocrisy, philosophy, and english papers, how you would take advantage of the opportunity to create you own courses.

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Essay: Hybrid GA and PSO Approach for Transmission Expansion Planning. Abstract: Metaheuristic optimization algorithms have become popular option for intricate problems which are difficult to solve by traditional methods. Transmission expansion planning (TEP) is one of the important challenging and on hypocrisy finn decision-making activities in electric utilities. This paper proposes a new approach, hybrid GAPSO (HGAPSO) for solving Transmission expansion Planning (TEP) problem. Problem of premature convergence in particle swarm optimization (PSO) and low convergence speed in genetic algorithm (GA) mitigate to the hybridization of my family, both techniques. In this paper, modification strategies have been used in statement finn, GA and PSO algorithms to achieve global convergence and the faster searching capability in HGAPSO.

This improved algorithm HGAPSO described and implemented in a MATLAB environment has been compared with GAs and PSO algorithms for transmission expansion planning problem. Keywords: Metaheuristic, GA, HGAPSO, PSO, TEP. Hybrid algorithms are a growing area of intelligent systems research, which combines the desirable properties of different approaches to mitigate their individual weaknesses. Hybridization technique results in new algorithm containing the positive features of both the algorithms. TEP problem is a complex, large-scale, difficult, and nonlinear. Several global optimization algorithms have been developed that are based on the nature inspired analogy to solve TEP problem. GA and PSO algorithms provide a robust and efficient approach for solving complex real-world problems like TEP. Attitudes Essay! GA and PSO both are population-based optimization algorithms with their own strengths and weaknesses. GA method is more suitable for solving multiple objectives problems and on hypocrisy in huckleberry is quite robust, but its convergence speed is slow, while the strength of the PSO algorithm, on the other hand, is its simple coding and fast convergence.

The main drawback of the PSO algorithm is its premature convergence due to lack of diversity. Therefore, a better algorithm would be the one which incorporates the strengths of these two algorithms and overcomes the weaknesses of the unanimity thesis, both i.e. an algorithm that has fast convergence as well as high diversity. A hybrid approach, coupling GA and statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn PSO algorithm, was thereby proposed because combining the two search techniques seems to be a feasible approach. Mathematical models based on classical optimization techniques, such as Linear programming [1], [2] and Bender decomposition [3]'[5] and branch and bound methods [6], [7], have been used to the unanimity, solve the TNEP problem. Intelligent metaheuristic algorithms such as simulated annealing, tabu search, harmony search algorithm, GA, have been proposed in [8]'[12], and PSO[13]-[14] respectively, to solve TNEP problem. The Hybridization of various techniques is mentioned in [15]-[16]. Hybrid neuro and fuzzy approach [17] for thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn, TEP have been introduced in previous essay sat, past decades.

The paper focus on HGAPSO technique to solve TEP problem. The article has been divided into four subsections. In the next section, formulation of TEP problem has been described. The subsequent section gives the overview of the GA, PSO and statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry HGAPSO algorithm with the implementation to TEP problem and in the unanimity, the last section, results obtained by the application of the HGAPSO algorithm for thesis on hypocrisy in huckleberry, TEP are discussed, and its comparison with the results obtained from GAs and PSO algorithms are presented. 2. Mathematical Formulation.

In this paper, static TEP problem can be formulated by essay, using a classical DC power flow model which is statement, a nonlinear mixed-integer problem with high complexity, especially for large-scale realistic transmission networks. The objective function is formulated as follows: where O,’ c’_(ij )and ‘ n’_ij represent, respectively, investment cost of the transmission, circuit cost, which is a candidate for addition to the branch i’j and are your interests essay the number of circuits added to the branch i’j. Here ‘ is the set of all candidate branches for expansion. The objective function (1) represents the capital cost of the newly installed transmission lines, which has some restrictions. These constraints must be included in mathematical formulation to ensure that the obtained solutions satisfy transmission line planning requirements.

These constraints can be formulated in the following (2) ‘ (7). 2.1 DC power flow node balance constraint: The conservation of power at each node is represented by statement on hypocrisy, this linear inequality constraint: Where P, d and B are respectively, the real power generation vector in the existing power plants, the real load demand vector in all network nodes and the susceptance matrix of the existing and added lines in the network. Here ?? is the bus voltage phase angle vector. 2.2 Power flow limit on transmission lines constraint:

In order to limit the my family in kannada, power flow for each path, the inequality constraint is as follows: f_ij'(n_ij^0+n_ij ) f_ij^max (3) In the DC power flow model, each element of the statement in huckleberry finn, branch power flow in constraint (3) can be calculated by using (4): f_ij=((n_ij^0+nij) )/x_ij *(??_i- ??_j) (4) Where f_ij, f_ij^max,n_ij, and n_ij^0, x_ij represent, respectively, the total branch power flow in attitudes, the branch i’j, the maximum power flow in the branch i’j, the thesis, number of what essay, circuits which is to thesis statement on hypocrisy finn, be added to the i-j branch, the number of attitudes essay, circuits in the original base system and reactance in the i-j branch. Here ??_iand ??_j are the finn, voltage phase angle of the terminal at ith and jth bus respectively. 2.3 Power generation limit constraint: The limit of power generation has to be included in the TEP constraints and is represented as follows: where’ g’_i,g_iminand g_imax are the real power generation at the unanimity thesis node i.e. the on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn, lower and upper real power generation limit at node i respectively. 2.4 Right-of-way constraint: It is important for an accurate TEP that planners need to know the exact location and capacity of the newly required circuits.

So this constraint must be included for consideration in the planning expansion problem. Article About Leadership Camp! In Mathematical form, this constraint defines the statement on hypocrisy, new circuit location and the maximum number of prompts sat, circuits that can be installed in a specified location. It can be represented as follows: where n_ijand n_ijmax represent the total integer number of circuits which is to be added to the i’j branch and the maximum number of circuits that can be added to the i’j branch respectively. 2.5 Bus voltage phase angle limit constraint: The bus voltage magnitude is not a factor in thesis, this analysis since a DC power flow model is used. The Unanimity Thesis! The voltage phase angle is included as a TEP constraint and the calculated phase angle should be less than the predefined maximum phase angle: 2.6 Fitness Function: Fitness Function F for the TEP problem is as follows: k is number of constraints. V_i is violation of ith constraint in percentage. In Huckleberry! pf is the english papers for grade, penalty factor. 3. Overview of GA, PSO #038; HGAPSO Algorithms. This section gives overview of GA, PSO and HGAPSO algorithms and their implementation to TEP problem.

3.1 Genetic Algorithm. GA belongs to a family of computational models inspired by evolution [19].These algorithms encode a potential solution to a specific problem on thesis on hypocrisy, a simple chromosome-like data structure and apply recombination and mutation operators to these structures so as to english papers, preserve critical information. GA generally includes the three fundamental genetic operators of reproduction, crossover and mutation. These operators conduct the chromosomes toward better fitness. The goodness of a solution is typically defined with respect to the current population. The genetic algorithm can be viewed as two stage process. It starts with the current population. Selection is applied to the current population to create an intermediate population. Then recombination and mutation are applied to the intermediate population to create the next population.

The process of statement finn, going from the current population to camp, the next population constitutes one generation in the execution of a GA. Crossover is the main genetic operator that allows information to be exchanged between individuals in the population. Mutation operator is to prevent the permanent loss of any particular bit values (genes), as without mutation there is no possibility of re-introducing a bit value that is missing from the on hypocrisy finn, population. 3.2 Implementation of GA to TEP Problem: The application of GA to solve static TEP problem is explained as follows: Specify input parameters with all constraints to generate chromosomes.

Specify the control parameters (population size, recombination rate, mutation rate etc.). Specify genetic characteristics of the algorithm: codification type, initial population assembly, selection type, and the unanimity thesis so forth. Initialize population (Line to be added) randomly satisfying all constraints and thesis evaluate it to become the current population. Assign fitness value to the entire population corresponding to the objective function. Implement a selection to choose only two generating solutions. English Papers For Grade! Selection operator in this analysis used is tournament selection. Implement the recombination and preserve an offspring.

Implement the mutation of the preserved offspring. Evaluate fitness of statement, final population consisting of chromosomes of best solutions. Check generation count, if it reaches its maximum then go to step 10, else go to step 5. 3.3 Particle swarm optimization. PSO incorporates swarming behaviors observed in flocks of birds, schools of fish, or swarms of bees, and the unanimity even human social behavior, from which the idea is thesis on hypocrisy, emerged [20].PSO is a population-based optimization tool, with simple implementation steps and applied easily to solve various non linear, non convex and non differentiable optimization problems. The main strength of PSO is its fast convergence and to find global optimum value of fitness function.

The PSO algorithm conducts a search using a population of particles that corresponds to individuals in in kannada, a GA. In PSO, the position of thesis on hypocrisy finn, each agent is represented in X’Y plane with position (s_x,s_y),vx (velocity along X-axis), and vy (velocity along Y-axis). Modification of the agent position is thesis, realized by the position and velocity information. Bird blocking optimizes a certain objective function. The best value so far, called ‘Pbest’, is known by each agent, which contains the information on position and velocities.

This information is the statement, analogy of personal experience of each agent. Thesis! Each agent also knows the best value so far, in the group Gbest among Pbest .This information is the analogy of knowledge, how the other neighboring agent shave performed. Each agent tries to statement finn, modify its position by considering current positions (s_x, s_y), current velocities (vx, v_y), the individual intelligence (Pbest), and the group intelligence (Gbest). The following equations are utilized, in computing the position and velocities, in essay prompts sat, the X’Y plane: v_(ik+1)= ”?v’_ik+C_(1 )??rand_1??(P_besti-s_ik )+C_2??rand_2 ?? (G_best-s_ik) (9) where v_(ik+1) is the velocity of (k+1)th iteration of on hypocrisy, ith individual, v_ik is the velocity of kth iteration of ith individual, ?? is the inertial weight, C_(1 ), C_2 are the positive constants, having values [0, 2], rand_1, rand_2 are the random numbers selected between 0 and 1, P_besti is the best position of the ith individual, G_best is the previous essay sat, best position among the individual (group best) and s_ik is the statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry, position of ith individual at kth iteration. The velocity of each agent is modified according to for grade, (9) and thesis statement on hypocrisy the position is modified according to (10). My Family! The weighting factor ?? is thesis statement in huckleberry finn, modified using (11) to attitudes, enable quick convergence: ?? =??_max-(??_max-??_min)/iter_max ??iter (11) ??_max is the initial weight, ??_min is the final weight, iter is the thesis statement on hypocrisy finn, current iteration number and iter_max is the maximum iteration number. 3.3 Implementation of thesis, PSO to on hypocrisy in huckleberry finn, TEP Problem. This section provides application of PSO algorithm to solve Static TEP problem as follows: Define input parameters with all constraints for the swarm. Initialize the position (Line to be added) for all particles randomly with satisfying all the constraints.

Calculate the article about leadership essay, fitness value (cost) of each particle in the swarm using equation (8). Compare the fitness value of each particle found in step 4 with Pbest of each particle. Update Pbest of a particle if its fitness is greater than its Pbest. Update Gbest if any particle has greater fitness than fitness of current Gbest. Update the statement finn, inertia weight ”?? by using (11). Modify the velocity of each particle by (9). Modify the position of each particle by using (10) with the updated velocity in step 7. Check iteration counter, if it reaches its maximum then go to step 10, else go to step 3. The swarm that generates the in kannada, latest Gbest in step 5 is the thesis statement in huckleberry, optimal value. 3.4 Hybrid PSO with GA.

The drawback of PSO is that it suffers from premature convergence and the local optima trapping. In addition to this, PSO performance is problem-dependent. GA has so many operators and takes large computational time as compared to PSO. To overcome the limitations of GA and PSO. The GA-PSO algorithm was proposed by Kao and Zahara [21].The basis behind this is that such a hybrid approach is language, expected to thesis statement on hypocrisy, have merits of PSO with those of GA. This hybridization results in high diversity and optimum convergence. There are three different hybrid approaches which are as follows:

PSO-GA (Type 1): The gbest particle position does not change its position over some designated time steps; the crossover operation is performed on gbest particle with chromosome of GA. In this model both PSO and GA are run in parallel. PSO-GA (Type 2): The stagnated pbest particles are change their positions by mutation operator of GA. PSO-GA (Type 3): In this model the initial population of PSO is assigned by solution of the unanimity, GA. The total numbers of iterations are equally shared by GA and PSO. First half of the iterations are run by GA and the solutions are given as initial population of in huckleberry finn, PSO.

Remaining iterations are run by PSO. In this paper, type 2 and thesis type 3 hybrid approaches is used and is applied to solve the TEP problem. On Hypocrisy In Huckleberry Finn! First, multiple solutions are generated randomly as initial population and objective function values are evaluated for each solution. After the evaluation is the unanimity, done, the population is divided into two subpopulations. One of these subpopulations is updated by the GA operation, while the other is updated by the PSO operation.

New solutions created by each operation are combined in statement on hypocrisy, the next generation, and non-dominated solutions in the combined population are archived. The archive data is shared between the english test for grade 3, GA and PSO, i.e., non-dominated solutions created by the PSO can be used as parents in statement on hypocrisy finn, GA, while non-dominated solutions created by GA can be used as global guides in PSO. Flowchart of HGAPSO [22] is shown in figure1. Fig.1 Flowchart of language attitudes essay, HGAPSO algorithm. 4. Results and Discussion. Static TEP problem is solved for three test systems Garver’s 6 bus system, IEEE 14 Bus system and thesis IEEE 24 bus system by applying proposed hybrid algorithm and is implemented in the unanimity, Matlab 7.9. All the necessary data of the test systems can be found in thesis, [23]. To validate the performance of algorithm, the my family essay, results obtained are compared with GA and PSO algorithm. The best results obtained for three test system by proposed algorithm are after 20 trial runs and 70 iterations. Statement! Penalty factor in first two test systems is taken as 2. Fig. 1, Fig 2 and Fig 3 shows the cost convergence characteristic of HGAPSO (Type 2) for three test systems.

For Garver’s 6 bus system and essay in kannada IEEE 14 bus system, GA pop size and thesis in huckleberry swarm size is same i.e. 50 and test papers 100, Problem dimension is 8. Fig. 2 Cost convergence characteristic of HGAPSO Fig. 3 Cost convergence characteristic of HGAPSO.

for Garver’s 6 bus system for IEEE 14 bus system. and Mutation rate and crossover rate are 0.1 and 0.8 respectively. Parameters of PSO such as c1 and finn c2 are 2, ??_min and what interests and career essay ??_max are taken as 0.4 and 0.9 for both above mentioned systems. Similarly for IEEE 24 bus system, GA pop size and swarm size is 100, problem dimension is 20 and all other parameters are same as that of other two systems. Pentalty factor for thesis, this test system is taken as 0.7.Maximum number of iterations in each case are 70. Fig. 4 Cost convergence characteristic of Fig. 5 Convergence characteristic of GA, PSO. HGAPSO for my family in kannada, IEEE 24 bus system and HGAPSO for Garver’s 6 bus system.

Table 1. Thesis Finn! Comparison of GA, PSO and HGAPSO. Algorithm Running time. PSO is a powerful optimization technique that has been applied to wide range of essay in kannada, optimization problems. Its performance can be enhanced many folds with the statement finn, aid of my family essay, certain modifications. This paper emphasis on the concept of hybridization, which in the present scenario is a popular idea being applied to evolutionary algorithms in order to increase their efficiency and robustness. In this paper we present a brief review on the algorithms which is to be hybrised in which PSO is one of the main algorithms.

PSO, which is stochastic in nature and on hypocrisy in huckleberry makes use of the memory of papers 3, each particles as well as the knowledge gained by the swarm as a whole, has been proved to be powerful in statement on hypocrisy, solving many optimization problems. The proposed algorithm HGAPSO find a better solution without trapping in local maximum, and to achieve faster convergence rate. This is because when the PSO particles stagnate, GA diversifies the particle position even though the solution is are your interests goals, worse. In HGAPSO particle movement uses randomness in its search. Hence, it is a kind of stochastic optimization algorithm that can search a complicated and uncertain area.

This makes HGAPSO more flexible and robust. Unlike standard PSO, HGAPSO is more reliable in giving better quality solutions with reasonable computational time, since the hybrid strategy avoids premature convergence of the search process to local optima and statement on hypocrisy in huckleberry provides better exploration of the search process. ste your text in here… Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Engineering essay, dissertation or piece of are your interests goals, coursework that answers your exact question?

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